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Traditionally, the Rhode Island police departments have requested persons suspected of intoxication to perform certain physical tests, and inability to adequately perform was considered to corroborate their conclusion of intoxication based on objective signs. Perhaps the oldest and best known test for intoxication was the request to walk a straight line. However, while an intoxicated...


A Rhode Island DUI Case will often times include evidence of breathalyzer or breath test results. Defense counsel should inform himself of the foundation that the prosecution must lay in order to qualify the particular intoxication test. In the absence of an adequate foundation, defense counsel should object to admission of results of the test....


Laws and Penalties for Drunk Driving in RI     Rhode Island has relatively strict laws on drunk driving/DUI, and the penalties may be different from year to year, depending on any recent legislation being passed by the legislature. Cases in which a suspect agrees to submit to the breathalyzer test are often times handled...

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