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I find that my experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney has given me the perspective and the skills to successfully litigate cases at the trial level. I have been fortunate enough to learn this job from the ground up, learning the ropes from some of the most talented lawyers that have ever practiced in this region. I am proud to be able to utilize these skills for the benefit of my clients and to teach younger lawyers what was so generously taught to me.

Following one year as a Rhode Island Superior Court Law Clerk, attorney Kevin Hagan spent six years as a state criminal prosecutor in the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General prosecuting dozens of capital cases and high profile homicides. He later joined the Newport, Rhode Island law firm of Houlihan, Managhan & Kyle, Ltd. After working for HM&K for several years, Kevin recently opened his own practice – Kevin Hagan Attorney At Law – located at 105 Memorial Blvd West, Newport, RI 02840.

Since 2002, Kevin Hagan has successfully handled all kinds of criminal cases in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Kevin has achieved acquittals at trial and favorable resolutions for his clients at both the trial and investigative stages of his cases. He has defended clients charged with all forms of capital offenses, major felonies and misdemeanors. As a prosecutor, Kevin prosecuted hundreds of major crimes including child abuse, homicide, robbery and white collar crime.

During his years as a Rhode Island state prosecutor, Kevin worked at all levels of the criminal justice system. He established lasting relationships with fellow members of the bar and law enforcement colleagues alike.

As a private practitioner, Kevin now litigates DUI cases, Criminal Defense cases, Family Law cases, Personal Injury cases, Domestic Violence cases, Zoning cases, Traffic cases, and Civil cases of every kind.

Kevin Hagan grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. His father was a college president and his late grandfather was the administrator of probation and parole in Rhode Island. They always put a high priority on helping people, and Kevin tries to follow in that tradition as a lawyer. Kevin is a member of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts State bars. He is also a member of the bar for the Rhode Island Federal District Court.

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